The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected changes to the routine of adidas Runners Athens, the biggest running community in Greece as the adidas RUNBASE remained closed for almost a year and forced us to adapt to a new, digital environment 

We decided to fully renovate one of the adidas RUNBASE floors and convert it into a professional, fully equipped Streaming Studio.  

The Streaming Studio hosted the adidas Runners Athens Coaches every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and all sessions were livestreamed through the adidas Runners Athens Facebook Group that turned into the new meeting point of the community. 

Our goal, apart from integrating all the training sessions based on the weekly program of the community, was the addition of a series of Special Sessions with the participation of adidas athletes & influencers 

Some of the highlights were:  

  • Seven Minutes of Soul | Exclusive Documentary Projection with Panos Vlahos
  • Stand Up Comedy & Marathon Quiz with Lambros Fisfis
  • Post Marathon Celebration with Vasilis Kyritsis & Xenia Ghali
  • Q & A Session with Spyros Gianniotis
  • Xmas Cooking with Madame Ginger
  • Live Unplugged with Alcatrash
  • Upcycling Workshop with Alexandra Diona
  • Q & A Session with Konstantinos Gkelaouzos

From November 2020 to November 2021, the Streaming Studio was rebranded five times in order to promote the launch of adidas Running campaigns and hosted 250 training & 25 Special Live Sessions that were broadcasted live through adidas Runners Athens Facebook Group and had more than 500K views in total.