On an iconic location in the heart of Athens, we organized a running relay event for the adidas Runners Athens community, linking it with the adidas SL20 shoe launch and the “Faster Than” campaign.

We called all runners to come run with us, redefine fast and find what their personal “Faster Than” is. More than 100 runners attended the event and formed groups of 4 in order to compete in an unforgettable relay game.

After the completion of the first relay game, the attendees were informed that the winner wasn’t the fastest team but the team that would run a second relay with the most improved time compared to the first one.

Photographers took dynamic photos of all runners, who had the chance to create their own “Faster Than” poster, just after finishing their running relay.

The posters were printed on-the-spot and were gifted to all attendees who also received them in a digital form in order to share their personal “Faster Than” inspiring stories at their social media.