We planned, implemented and executed the whole idea of the fully refurbishing basketball courts in downtown Athens and their supporting buildings and also delivering them to the public, a very successful joint activation of the CSR Program “ONE TEAM” of Euroleague Basketball and the CSR Program “STAY IN THE GAME” of Dogus Group.

In co-operation with the municipality of Athens we fully refurbished a court in Pagkrati and 3 courts in Sepolia area. On April of 2016, we planned a major event with the participation of Euroleague, Dogus Group officials, Olympiacos & Panathinaikos BC and the presence of the Mayor of Athens, Mr. George Kaminis in order to deliver them to the public.

Local teams participated in a series of activities, supported by famous Olympiacos & Panathinaikos players, to be the first to experience the refurbished courts.