Since 2014, we implement, from concept to execution, the activations of EKO, the Official Sponsor of the Acropolis Rally.

The challenge is to connect the sponsor with the Acropolis Rally in an exclusive way and create an EKO event within the major motorsport event.

Apart from the design and the construction of the EKO Booth that is set up every year at the Sponsors Village in Athens & at the Service Park in Lamia, we offer unforgettable experiences to all rally fans, adding a different twist every year to keep the audience engaged.

Throughout the years, the fans had the chance to wear rally suits and be photographed as the rally champions, create video content as being rally drivers competing at a Special Stage and drive the most advanced rally simulators.

In 2023, we celebrated the 70 years of Acropolis Rally (1953 – 2023). Aiming to keep rally fans engaged in creative ways for another year, we placed the authentic Lancia 073 rally car in the EKO booth. Visitors were given the unique chance to take photos next to the historic winning car that took over the first place in the Acropolis Rally in 1984. This particular activation was set-up in both booths of the Sponsors’ Village (Athens) & the Service Park (Lamia), while in the Service Park we also installed a huge LED wall giving visitors the chance to watch the live stream of the rally races and special stages, during all days.