In addition to our sports projects, The Magic Bus took over the implementation of a unique activation in collaboration with ALFA beer. 

ALFA was one of the main sponsors of Athens Street Food Festival 2022 & Burger Fest 2022 and we made its presence stand out by designing a special ALFA corner that was placed at the main arenas of the venues.  

Inspired by the latest brand campaign “Όταν είμαστε μαζί, ας είμαστε πραγματικά μαζί”, that showcases the importance of being present in the moments you share with your beloved ones and enjoying simple things like a cold ALFA beer, we designed the “no phone challenge” activation. 

In more detail: 

  • The ALFA promo team was inviting the visitors of the two festivals to the ALFA corner to join the “no phone challenge” while they were enjoying their meal.  
  • The participants were asked to lock their chell-phones inside the custom locker boxes that were placed on every table for 35 minutes. That was the moment that the countdown began!  
  • After the first 20 minutes without the phones, the timer rang and the first part of the challenge was completed. In a festive mood with comfetti and horns, the team offered to the winners their award, an icy cold ALFA beer. 

 The activation was a kind of a social experiment that had great impact on the audience who left no table empty, during the whole activation period.