The adidas x Cosmos Sport Training Squad is a project that was originally designed to offer outdoor training experiences, having a mobile gym as its base. The mobile gym would be transferred to different location every month, being close to a Cosmos Sport store.

Each event would be linked with the launch of an adidas campaign and participants would have the opportunity to learn more about the new products and buy them first. Due to the pandemic, we were called to transfer the project to a digital environment, facing the challenge of maintaining the engagement with the consumers and reducing the “gap” between the online and offline shopping experience.

The answer to this challenge came through the collaboration with a global live streaming platform, which specializes in the innovative technology of interactive live video shopping. For the first time, the Greek public had the opportunity to experience a personalized online shopping experience, with the virtual participants of each digital event, being able to :

  • watch the show live, logging in from any device
  • see the products worn by the participants
  • click on the products on the screen of their computer or mobile phone in real time
  • ask questions and send comments to the live chat
  • complete their purchases

The first live digital event took place on December 2020. Our special guest Akis Petretzikis participated in a Full Body Workout under the guidance of the adidas coaches and then, he shared the best post-workout recipes with our viewers. Tonia Sotiropoulou was the protagonist of the 2nd live event that took place on April 2021 and was linked with the launch of the adidas Women Formotion Collection.

The adidas x Cosmos Sport Training Squad project managed to create unique engagement with the virtual participants and receive special publicity at a time when the competition in the digital environment is particularly high.