The Magic Bus organized the Pulseboost City Run Game to celebrate the launch of the new adidas Pulseboost running shoe.

The members of the adidas Runners Athens community were called to form teams of 4 runners in order to participate in the most “explosive” game of speed and strategy.

All they knew before it, was that they should attend the Palio Amaskostasio OSY at Gazi, Athens.

Before the beginning of the game, all runners received a map that revealed 9 secret checkpoints in the Athens city center. Every team had to pass by all 9 locations to collect 9 puzzle pieces as fast as possible and return to Palio Amaksostasio to complete their puzzle.

At every location, a street art performance was highlighting the checkpoint, creating buzz and an amazing atmosphere in the heart of the city.

After exploring every alley, overtaking every obstacle and giving it all for their team, the adidas Runners enjoyed a summer party with a live DJ set, pasta bowls from Melissa and cold Heineken beers, celebrating the end of an amazing running season.