The Magic Bus took over the launch & the implementation of the adidas “End Plastic Waste” project in Greece. The EPW Project aims to raise awareness about plastic pollution & drive positive change for a more sustainable way of life.  

For the launch of the project, it was obvious that we needed a story. An inspiring & impactful story that would reach a broad audience and would motivate people to take immediate and meaningful action.  

That’s why we decided to create the End Plastic Waste documentary & we selected some valuable partners who share the same concerns about the environmental crisis and could act as role models for our audience.  

Our strategic partner for this unique project was the Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation that was established in 2015 and focuses on the protection of the marine environment. Our partnership was built around their major project “Typhoon” that was launched in 2019 with the aim of cleaning the entire Greek coastline and giving back clean shores to the country’s inhabitants and visitors.  

The driver of the project is the “Typhoon”, a modern Norwegian-built 72-meter long vessel that sails year-round, decontaminating the coasts and transporting the waste collected to recycling or proper disposal structures. 

Furthermore, a group of super talented athletes & creators joined our EPW team. Tonia Sotiropoulou, Panos Vlahos, Nikolas Plytas, Klelia Andriolatou, Lila Baklesi, George Lentzas, Kostas Spathis, Xenia Ghali, Lydia Papaioannou & Spyros Gianniotis joined forces with adidas & worked with us for the creation of the End Plastic Waste Documentary that was directed by AQU Collective team 

The main idea for the documentary was to showcase that plastic is everywhere. On the tops of the mountains, at the bottom of the oceans, in our cities. But at the same time, our goal was to create a positive tone of voice, emphasizing not only on the problem but, most of all on the solutions that will help us end plastic waste. 

After two months of filming, we were ready to share the EPW documentary with the audience. For its launch, we organized a media event at the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Kifissia, which for decades has been an educational space around issues that concern our planet. 

The venue sparked freshness. The main reason for this was the fact that instead of chairs and tables, we placed straw bales which automatically created a strong connection with the natural environment. At the same time, in the main hall of the Museum, the oversized globe with the message “END PLASTIC WASTE” dominated. 

For the branding needs of the event, we used exclusively digital screens and constructions that had already been used in numerous adidas events. It’s up to us to prove that our footprint can be reduced in every situation, simply by making small changes to what we’ve been used to until now. 

Τhe lawyer & stand up comedian, Nefeli Meg, who stands out for her action regarding major social and environmental issues, took over the presentation of the event. Before the start of the screening, attendees had the opportunity to be informed by Nicolas Nath, Senior Brand Director adidas, South East Europe, about adidas’ commitments to fight plastic pollution and the pursuit of carbon neutrality by 2050 and from Angeliki Kosmopoulou, Executive Director of the Athanasios K. Laskaridis Foundation, who analyzed the environmental actions of the Foundation and the importance of the strategic collaboration with adidas. 

After the end of the screening, the event continued in the garden of the Goulandris Natural History Museum, where the invited journalists had the opportunity to talk with the protagonists of the documentary, who shared their experiences from the filming, as well as the daily habits that they have changed, in order to follow a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Watch the adidas End Plastic Documentary here :