Organization and implementation of the marketing and sponsorship plan of the Acropolis Rally, the Acropolis Rally Village and the spectators area of the Rally Service Park for 5 years.

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


Designed and implemented the sponsorship strategy and the marketing plan for the only worldwide sports event that has taken place in Greece for the past 60 years. Strategy, plan development and implementation, handling stakeholder’s relations are only few of the responsibilities we have taken over for this major motorsport competition.


We organized and executed constructions, branding design and productions, crowd control services, event flow coordination and relationships with local authorities and stakeholders both at the Start and Finish Ceremony.


Finally we were responsible for the spectators area of the Rally Service Park where the experience of the fans was our top priority, bringing them closer to their heroes, the rally drivers.


For each year we were also responsible for the design, production and coordination of the operation of the Acropolis Rally Village, in order to host all rally sponsors & partners and above all, offer unique rally experience to all visitors and fans.