April 2016


A very successful joint activation of the CSR Program “ONE TEAM” of Euroleague Basketball and the CSR Program “STAY IN THE GAME” of Dogus Group. We planned, implemented and executed the whole idea of fully refurbishing basketball courts in downtown Athens and their supporting buildings and also delivering them to the public.

In co-operation with the municipality of Athens we fully refurbished a court in Pagkrati and 3 courts in Sepolia area. On April of 2016, we planned a major event with the participation of Euroleague, Dogus Group officials, Olympiacos & Panathinaikos BC and the Mayor of Athens, Mr. George Kaminis presence in order to deliver them to public. Local teams participated in a series of activities, supported by famous Olympiacos & Panathinaikos players, to be the first to experience the refurbished courts.